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  • Breast Cancer Symptoms
    What are the symptoms of breast cancer? A new lump develops in the chest or under the arm (armpit). Thickening or swelling of the chest. Irritation or depression of the skin of the chest. Red or scaly skin around the nipples or breasts. Nipple traction or nipple pain.
  • How Do You Know If A Doctor is Fake
    If the patient doubts his qualifications as a doctor, he must request a registration number and a certificate. When the National Medical Association is called on the exam number, the committee checks whether the person is a real doctor or not.
  • What Are Contraceptives
    If a man’s sperm contacts one of a woman’s eggs, she may become pregnant (ova). This is what contraception seeks to prevent by doing: keeping the sperm and egg apartreducing egg production reducing the combined sperm and egg’s (fertilised egg’s) ability to adhere to the womb’s liningFor most people in the UK, contraception is free.Continue reading “What Are Contraceptives”
  • Restriction Enzymes
    What are restriction enzymes? Restriction enzymes are proteins isolated from bacteria that cleave a DNA sequence at a specific location to form a DNA fragment of a known sequence at each end. The use of restriction enzymes is required for some laboratory techniques, including recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering. Traditionally, the four types ofContinue reading “Restriction Enzymes”
  • Weaving life into poetry
    If you’ve ever wondered why a poet writes … I have written hundreds of poems, many that I love Some, I don’t even think I write, they are kind enough to write themselves for me, and fall into lines that I enjoy and share They are there in the ups And there in the downsContinue reading “Weaving life into poetry”
  • Blepharitis
    What is belpharitis? Condition that affects their eye
  • A introduction
    This blog is dedicated to learning about medicine
  • Lyme Disease Symptoms
    Lyme disease is a condition in which swelling is present due to the bite of an infected TIC.